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Many people think of mouthguards as safety equipment needed in contact sports like football and lacrosse, and yes, they are certainly necessary when playing those sports. However, wearing a mouthguard is also important in other sports like soccer or basketball, as well as in everyday physical activities such as a riding a scooter, bicycle, or skateboard. A mouthguard should be worn during any activity that carries an increased risk of injury to the mouth and teeth. Preventing oral trauma is a worthy investment, both emotionally and financially.

Generic mouthguards, such as those that you boil and mold, are often uncomfortable and can hinder your child’s ability to communicate when he or she is wearing the device. Custom mouthguards, on the other hand, provide the highest degree of protection and utility. Custom built using an impression of your child’s mouth, the mouthguards we provide fit snugly and comfortably, and provide effective protection during physical activity.