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two patients Eric A. Downey, DDS

Eric A. Downey, DDS

Eric A. Downey, DDS

Dr. Eric Downey, a board-certified pediatric dentist, finds the greatest satisfaction working with children and helping them begin a life-long positive dental experience. With his compassion, Dr. Downey makes each visit special for parents and their children. With his knowledge and professionalism, Dr. Downey balances his love for science and artistry through children’s dentistry.

Education and Experience

Dr. Downey began his dental education at the prestigious University of Iowa. After graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1999, Dr. Downey continued his training at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio pediatric dental residency. Dr. Downey received exceptional training in childhood and adolescent growth and development, including age-appropriate orthodontics.

His professional achievements include past-president of the Oregon Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, chairman of the dental section of the operating room at Legacy Emanuel Hospital, trustee for the Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry, and he is an attending for the Pediatric Dental residents at the Oregon Health Science University.

Outside the Office

Dr. Downey and Dr. Carolyn are a husband-and-wife pediatric dentistry team. They rejoice in being parents to four wonderful children: Grace, Claire, Thomas, and Drew. Though not originally from Oregon, Dr. Downey (from Iowa) and Dr. Carolyn (from Texas) have found Oregon to be a beautiful place to call home. In particular, they enjoy hiking, skiing, scuba diving, and spending time with friends and family. The wonderful friendships they have made and the warm people that they have met here in Oregon have enriched their lives.

Downey Family