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Pediatric Dentist or General Dentist: What’s Right for Your Child?

Taking a trip to the dentist is stressful for everyone, but when it comes to children, the experience can be even more intimidating. All of the tools, sounds, and unfamiliar faces invading their personal space can make any child dread going to the dentist, unless the environment presents itself as a safe and fun place. […]

Common FAQs for Our Doctors

It’s getting close to the end of the year, which means we’ll soon start seeing lots of old and new faces in our office in 2018 (we can’t wait!). While we believe every child is different, with unique personalities and needs, there are some questions that pop up time and time again from parents during […]

Fun Tooth Jokes for Kids

We have a lot of children that come into the office pretty nervous about their dental visit, especially if it’s one of their first check-ups. As they age and get used to the process, they become more comfortable, but some children always harbor a bit of anxiety about getting their teeth cleaned. And who could […]

Tooth Fairy Traditions from Around the World

Ah, the tooth fairy… helping kids tolerate, and even look forward to, the loss of baby teeth for generations! We love talking to kids about what the tiny, winged fairy brought them each time they lose a tooth. You know the custom: when a tooth falls out, a child excitedly places it under his or […]

Healthy Thanksgiving-themed Snacks Kids Can Make

The holiday season is approaching and our office is abuzz with discussions of Thanksgiving menu planning and recipe swapping. While we adults take care of the labor-intensive turkey roasting and potato mashing, we also love to get our kids in on the fun! Cooking and making snacks together is a great way to engage your […]

How Diet & Nutrition Can Shorten Your Child’s Next Dentist Visit

We all know that a good oral hygiene routine, like flossing and brushing, is key to maintaining the health of your child’s teeth and gums. An often overlooked factor of oral health, however, is diet and nutrition. Listen, we know how hard it can be to get your kids to eat healthy meals consistently. Kids will […]

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Halloween season is one of our favorites. It’s so much fun to help your kids find that perfect costume and watch them gleefully trick-or-treat throughout the neighborhood or collect candy at a party. As parents ourselves, we love to see our kids enjoying the spooky holiday that’s filled with ghosts and goblins, pumpkin carving, and […]

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth

Proper care of your child’s teeth can save a lot of time, pain, and money down the road. Since children are more at risk for developing cavities, it’s important to understand all of the factors at play in order to ensure the best oral hygiene possible. Below we will cover a few common topics that […]

Tooth Development: The Stages of Your Child’s Smile

We know you want to be informed in every area of your child’s growth, and the development of their teeth is no exception! From baby teeth eruption to wisdom teeth removal and beyond, understanding a little about the stages your child will go through and what to expect will help you identify what’s normal and […]

Silver Diamine Fluoride

What Is It? Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is an antimicrobial treatment used to slow down or halt tooth decay. The treatment harnesses the antimicrobial properties of silver and the remineralization ability of fluoride (which reverses teeth breakdown caused by bacteria) to make the teeth stronger and healthier. Fluoride treatments are typical during your child’s visit […]